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Interactive Cat Toys

Automatic Electric Rotating Butterfly & Ball Exercise

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cat tracks with 2 rolling balls

Q: Can I leave electronic cats toys on all day, is that safe?

A: Yes, of course it's safe. Electronic cat toys tend to have moving parts that encourage cats to chase, pounce, leap, and tackle. These activities are good for your cat in moderation.

automatic cat toys with spinning butterfly

Q: Is this toy suitable for kittens? A: Yes. This interactive cat toy is both suitable for use by young cats as well as adults cats.

2 in 1 interactive toys for cats

Q:Can I split this toy into two toys for the cat?

A:Of course, it's a Automatic toy, a separate turntable, and they can be one toy toghter

Interactive Cat Toys - Cat Automatic Teaser & Exerciser Kitten Toys with Spinning Butterfly

Automatic Cat Toys

Never Get Bored :Keep your cats busy and satisfy their natural hunting instincts, endless fun

The toy's base is broad and non-slip to stop it from sliding around, even during lively attacks on the flying prey

The tower of tracks cat toy stimulates your cat’s senses and hunting instincts, increase their sensitivity and will not cause persecution at home

The automatic interactive Cat Toys designed with an unique UFO shape for all indoor cats, a flying butterfly wand on surface, featuring chase balls inside

When the cat finds something like a prey inside it, it will pounce and chase at it. The cat will try to get at the prey for hours together and this will keep it engaged and entertained.